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DBZ-Spar Name


Real Name

Patrick Skelly




White mostly




Orlando, Florida


all things DB/Z/GT,babes of course,computer and videogames, hangin with my homies, RPing, listing to


martial arts,swordsman(not jokin),quick


Elite Z Fighters

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Personal Picture: None Yet

Character Bio:  Griffin was born on the planet Vegeta
about the same time as Prince Vegeta.He grew up very
poor and lived in a slum.His parents were part of a
group of rebals who fought against the evil tyrant
Vegeta.When Griffin was young his parents were
captured by the Saiyan Royal Gaurd and exicuted.He
grew up roaming the planet learning different styles
of fighting and mastering different types of
weapons.Along his journeys he met a spy who worked for
lord Freeza.That person informed him of Freeza's plans
to destroy the planet.Griffin quickly gathered what
little he had and broke into a saiyan space port and
hi-jacked a pod.As he was entering space he saw
another pod(goku).Not knowing much about galactic
geography he desided to follow the pod.He soon saw the
planet Earth.As the pods entered the atmosphere
Griffin made sure to land far from the other pod.He
landed in the Great Forest were he now lives alone.He
now works as a mercanary.He has seen many fearce
battles includeing many scrapes with members of the
Earth's Special Forces.He still hopes to one day get
revenge for his family.