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DBZ-Spar Name

Kurai Kamisori

Real Name

Adam (previously known as Chibi Super Sephi)








Penfield, New York


DBZ, swords, sharp objects, Finding his loves killer and destroying him!


Master swordsman, Contolling Ki


Evil Killaz

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Personal Picture: Not yet

Character Bio:  The story of Kurai Kamisori starts off in a peacefull community in the upper New York area. It that time his name was Adam and was attending high school in Penfield. Adam had been dating a girl named Dori for about 3 months. The two of them decided to take a trip down to Miami Florida for Spring break, to bad this was a very bad time to go. As Adam and Dori strolled through the streets of Miami a battle started in the midst of Miami between two very powerful Sayains, both had reached the Super Sayain level, but one was good and the other was evil. As the battle reached its climax a stray Ki beam tore through the unsuspecting girlfriend of Adam. As Dori's lifeless body flew through the air Adam's heart sank deep into a dark black pit, his heart turned black and cold. Anger swelled through his body, the good saiyan had seen what he did but instead of doing something about it he fled like a coward. Adam's anger began to increase even more, his pupils disappearsed and his Ki began to rise at a tramendous rate. He tried to keep it under control but it ws to much, a great explosion of pure energy came out of him wiping out the city and killing the evil Super Sayain. As the dust settled Adam had been reborn not as a normal person but as an unstable bomb that the slightest thing could set it off. He had turned into Kurai Kamisori, a dark, black, and pure evil shadow of death. Kurai vowed to kill all things good and track down his loves killer, he would not stop untill that unamed saiyan was sent straight to Hell by his hands and no one elses. This starts the quest of Kurai........... this is the beginning of the End.