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Q:  Is the game level based?                                                                                                           

A:  Yes when you gain enough experience from battling you will have to find a trainer to lvl you up.  At the trainer you will be able to place new stat points and learn 1 new ability.


Q:  Is pking allowed?                                                                                                                      

A:   Yes pking is allowed, but is not a good way to make friends.


Q:  Can you Roleplay?                                                                                                                   

A:  Yes roleplaying is allowed and encouraged in the game.  Roleplaying adds alot more depth to the game.  The Unique system was added into the game in order to encourage players to roleplay.


Q:  What is the Unique system?                                                                                                      

A:  When you make a new character a unique is randomly chosen for your char.   Your unique effects your starting stats.  Some of the uniques are as follows:   elite, really strong, fat, legendary, and slowly stronger.  Some of the uniques like legendary are much rarer than others.  Players are encouraged to roleplay their char based on what unique they have.


Q:  What races are available to play?                                                                                             

A:  The races currently in the game are Saiyans, Icers, Triclops, Humans, Nameks, Androids, and Buus.


Q:  Are there any safe zones?                                                                                                         

A:  Yes towns will be the safe zones in the game.  In town no damage can be dealt or received and no abilities can be used.


Q:  Is it true that all races have a Super form?                                                                                 

A:   Yes every race has atleast one super form, some have several.  The reason that all races are given supers is because if every race didnt have a super form the races without supers wouldnt get played as much. 


Q:  How do you regain lost health?                                                                                                  

A:   Health regenerates slowly so if you want to regain health quicker you must either use the ability Meditate or eat a Senzu bean.


Q:  Will Fusion be in the game?                                                                                                      

A:   Permanent Fusion will not be in the game, but there are plans to implement temporary fusion.


Q:  Will there be tournaments?                                                                                                      

A:   Yes tournaments will be held at scheduled times and will be run by a Admin or Gm.   There will be rewards for winning, and results from the tournaments will be posted on the web page.


Q:  In what ways can you customize your char?                                                                                 

A:   There are many ways in which you can make you char look unique.  During character creation you get to choose a hair style and hair color for your char and pick a color for your aura.  You also get to pick a face icon which appears next to your messages.  Once in the game you can visit the store and choose some clothes for yourself, there is quite a large selection to choose from.


Q:  How do you make money in the game?                                                                                       

A:   The main way to make money is to kill something and sell its corpse at the Pawn shop,  you can also sell items which you find at the Pawn shop.  You may also make money by winning a tournament or completing a quest.


Q:  Will there be Clans/Guilds?                                                                                                       

A:   Yes there will be Clans in the game there are already a few clans out there that are accepting members.  Clans will be able to purchase their own Clan house and clans can design their own custom uniforms.


Q:  Will there be Quests?                                                                                                               

A:   Yes their will be quests.