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Q:  Is the game really free?                                                                                                            

A:  Yes the game is totally free. =)


Q:  Where can I download the game?                                                                                                

A:   When the game is finished or open to the public you will have to download the BYOND client from here.  Once you have the client you will have to connect to the game server using the url which will be posted on the site.   The game will download by itself when you connect to the game server.


Q:  Why cant I play the game?                                                                                                           

A:   The game is currently in Closed Beta Testing, which means only those selected by Ebonshadow are allowed to play the game.  The purpose of beta testing is to test the game for bugs and report them so they can be fixed.


Q:  Can I be a beta tester?                                                                                                                

A :  The only time more beta testers are accepted is when Ebon updates the main page asking for people to email him that want to beta test.  There is no set date on when Ebon will ask for more beta testers.  So it would be a good idea to check the site frequently so that you dont miss your chance to beta test.


Q:  When will the game be finished?                                                                                                

A:  There is no set date for when the game will be finished.   Currently it is estimated that the game is around 90% done.  The game will be finished when Ebonshadow determines that he has added all there is to add into the game.