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Your attributes are what define your char.   They determine how fast you are, how strong you are, and many other things.   In this section I will explain what all of the attributes are and what they affect.

attributes.gif (5015 bytes)

Ill describe the different attributes from top to bottom:

Race:  Is whatever race you picked in the beginning, see the Character Creation section for more info on races.

HP:  Also known as Hit Points if your hp reaches 0 then you are dead.

Ki:  Ki is used when you use powers, if your ki reaches 0 then you cant use anymore powers till you recharge it.

Armor Class:   Armor class raises when you wear armor.  The higher your armor class the more damage your armor absorbs.

Encumbrance:   Your encumbrance increases when you wear heavy armor.  Encumbrance decreases your walk and attack speed.

Intelligence:   Determines how much ki you have

Mental:   Determines how much damage your ki attacks do.

Strength:   Determines how much damage your physical attacks do.

Dexterity:   Determines how accurate your attacks are, how often you dodge, and attack speed.

Stamina:   Determines how much health you have and how much energy you have.

Speed:   Determines how fast you run/walk.

Attack Speed:   Determines how fast you attack physically.

Level:  Tells you what lvl your at.  Every time you level up you get to pick a new power and raise your stats.

Experience:   Tells you how far you are from leveling up, if it reads something like 1501/1500 then you need to go find a trainer to level you up.