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In this section I will be making a list of all the DBZ SPAR clans and provide links to their web pages.

Evil Killaz - A clan for murderers who enjoy killing anything and everything they see.

The Empire - One of the oldest DBZ-Spar clans, very organized.

Elite Z Fighters  - In this clan you can do what you must to become the strongest.  You can be evil or good it doesnt really bother us.

The Saiyan-Jin - Clan formed to fight evil.

The Dark Union - The Dark Union is a neutral guild that offers the abilities of it's members to the highest bidder. It has no quarrels with any group acting only as mercenaries.

Saiyan Elite - An evil clan made up of the most elite band of Saiyans in the universe.


If you know of any other DBZ SPAR clans please submit them here.