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Me being blasted by Hate's kamehameha wave

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Chillin in SSj4 form with SSj Death below me

scrnshot3.bmp (346166 bytes)

Checkin out the scenary, nice waterfall

scrnshot4.bmp (346166 bytes)

Showin off my SSj3 skills

scrnshot5.bmp (346166 bytes)

Me hangin with Shenlon about to make a wish

scrnshot6.bmp (346166 bytes)

Form 2 icer scopin out the scenary

scrnshot7.bmp (346166 bytes)

Form 3 icer throwin some change into the fountain

scrnshot8.bmp (346166 bytes)

Form 4 icer pickin daisies

scrnshot9.bmp (346166 bytes)

Super Human 2 hangin out

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