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I updated a bunch of stuff on the page.  Changed some links for a few clans and changed the links in the forums section.  I might be uploading some more DBZ roms, for other systems.  I also added links to get mod chips for your console systems.  Click the link HERE to check it out.


Added a new game to the games section.  Its a DBZ text based gamed made by Ryoku.  I enjoyed playing it and recommend it to all of you.


Just got back from vacation in Maryland, I was there for 2 weeks.   That explains why the site hasnt been updated.  Im gonna be getting a cable modem in about a week.  So when I get it Ill probably be uploading some more roms to the site.


Site is still alive, just hasnt been many important updates lately.   Ive been adding alot of people's bios to the bios page and alot of clans to the Clans page.  DBZ-Spar is still comming along good, Ebon recently recoded the game with an entirely new codebase, it is quite an improvment.  We are also about to begin building the map.  Ill try and update the site more frequently giving you updates on things happening in the Spar community. =)


Added a Bios section where DBZ-Spar players can submit bios for there chars.  Also added my new forum in the Forums section.


I added a Forum section to the site which includes links to the DBZ-Spar forum and DBZ-Spar Quest forum.  Check them both out.


I just updated the links section with a link to DBZ-Spar Quest.   DBZ-Spar Quest is the single player version of DBZ-Spar being made by Goten84, take a look!


I just added another page to the screenshots section.  Check it out here.


DBZ-Spar now has its own IRC channel.  All are welcome to come in and chat.  If you have any questions about the game or just wanna chat then come on in.  You can get a good IRC client from and then once you got it log onto the server and then enter channel #dbzspar.   Hope to see you there!!


I updated the Races section of the manual to make it look nicer.   Thx to Ebon for the new images.  I uploaded a ton of new face icons, about 100 of them.  That brings the total number of icons to over 300.


This page was last updated on 08/25/01.

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